What a day

What a day I had yesterday it seems my life gadgets had, had enough. My mobile Phone decided enough of this stage time to move on in the massive cloud of sometimes useless information UPDATE, UPDATE, really a whole day of yes you got it updating. I thought my phone was for cremation not knowing whether I would still have my connection information. To top it off Mr windows in his wise authority decided to make me suffer too. Well my life is going to be fun trying to understand the updates. One thing it makes you realise how much we wrap our lives around simple gadgets, I just hope my day of panic hair pulling frustration is worth it folks.


‘The Band wagon’

  Being a bit down with life and the rotten things we have thrown at us, as we do!  I took a long hard look at my life, as things have been badly wrong lately (sounds all quite mysterious I know)  but I will not go to deep to day.  I have considered for a while why not have a brush up on my English Literature have a look at the courses out there on the systems after all it would not hurt as it is been (ha ha) quite a while since I last did a English course/brush up of any type also times change as I have found.  

  Our closest way of looking what is available in my area now is the computer system very recommendable.  Wow to my amazement it seems that there are a lot of companies out there that seem to have jumped on the band wagon not for really helping the customer but really to get in with there charges of what they can get out of you.  You have to be careful what you sign up for that this is the correct one That you don’t wrap yourself in oooh so £***** much  that you are in poop street for several years when really you only want that brush up in creativity. 

I was also shocked or should I say  or astounded of how much creative writing courses there is on the system of companies you have never heard of also there are kindle courses !!!. Would you hear of these again people after they get your good earned cash to me this is all scary after all we can all write our thoughts out loud put to paper of how we feel it is just the Correct English. keeping up to my standards, may be some poetry which was always my lacking. 

Have I thought I am just bored Yes I have thought this, but it is not this it is a case of a change of my way of writing English.  But please take note I am aware are YOU, be careful what you are signing in for think twice ask someone who really knows you is it really needed a 3-5 or 6 year course of something you are fully capable of you just need that quick sweep.       

Practice, Practice, Practice

Apologies All I shall be doing is practicing here there and everywhere on word press, before I give up on my Blog. Why apologise well because no one seems to want to help!  So the best thing to do is practice no I am not some sort of idiot but if there are other people out there who are learning and playing around with the figures I mean what is a contact form for when there is a box on the bottom of a daily blog to leave a reply?

So I guess this is all hit and miss as my partner would say hopefully you will eventually enjoy my Blog as I tend to say what I feel with a lot of oops!


ALLYS Ways: “Life Ailments”

I make plans of things to do for instance a blog which I hoped to do weekly, obviously my first attempts would be hair pulling with the if’s and but’s. With the hopes of a gradual win of a decent page are we all the same or am I a nut for trying I have my doubts

. Then there are the Ailments of life I have been slowed down somewhat, I apologies to myself and others as these gradual illness are becoming a pain in the butt.
So page I try again a sudden thought oh heck I hope this turns out on the proper stencil/finish set up page I managed to do.(to carry on with what I found this week).
A blog that I follow brought to my notice of a book WHAT KILLS ME by Wynne Channing with what I might add a decent cover, were of all places did I find this you would not believe in the free books of Kindle I was what I like to say is “Gob Smacked” it will be a while before I can read the book as there are so many books I want to read i.e. catch up on. So if there is anyone out there take note a decent looking book for free that’s if you like a paranormal follower.

Daily Prompt: Que Sera Sera

I have always said what is written is written so what ever happens is your fate your destiny is planned out for you nothing that has happened could have been changed may be in a small way but the end is the same if you think of it. I just hope my next life is kinder . So no you cannot control your Destiny can you!

Trials and Tribulation’s

Ok I think I am slowly going Mad I try, I wonder am I really doing the right thing of even attempting a blog when I could just carry on pulling my hair and scream at word to behave I will explain More.
I thought well I am writing I have a Laptop then it wishes to give me problems (scream). I wait a week I get my laptop set back up as I slowly find that they that think who are wise Gods that they would set my precious machine back to Factory status oh “thank you for that” (sarcasm) I now find I have lost so much even though I save a lot on dongles my word for them but unfortunately not all (Scream). I ask myself again why do I bother someone up there does not want my existence…
But to my current attempt of Blogging I have so many questions Mr Editor of decisions of the how’s and does were on earth do I manage to make my page decent edgings of pictures So it stands out some more. I think a picture frame of a forest of a permanent design may be, or long Ally ways to do with my name may be hello out there is there a human who could advise or should I just leave to a machine to make these decisions for me !

Forgot the clocks ha oops

How many others out there for got to do the clocks on the that special hour change.
What havoc did it cause in your home?
In my home I am merrily carrying on with my holiday rituals which extended to breakfast several cups of coffees and teas.
After a very good night celebrating my 34th year of marriage of a very loving husband.
A very large meal and several drinks was had by all and yes I can see the funny side of no Turkey, veg and rest of a large meal to go today as we forgot the clocks.
As I for one will not be panicking, as we shall be chilling out today.

on this thought I would grab my tabs (I have epilepsy) fresh panties, my bag, papers to the Insurances house and dressing gown and slippers.

Crazy times

Husband tells me this morning “it is the 1st December tomorrow” (I thought wow I really needed that bit of news) thinking to myself of course! Let me explain the last couple of months have been horrendous,home improvements need I say more. Falling behind with all your general plans, when there is plastering, drilling painting re-flooring being done around you. In the middle of all this you are to live in all the dust sheets and boxes, make cups of tea for Men you don’t really know! Hunt for that last item you put down in a safe place but cannot remember were the safe place was.. (what have I lost now)hover bags.
Now my lovely Husband whom I love dearly tells me it is the 1st tomorrow which really means you are to run round in the freezing cold from shop to shop getting presents and more food in oh and don’t forget to post the cards. Whilst in the corner my computer stands awaiting patiently till the next time its keys are used.. Crazy times